If you would like to set up a shoot with me you can either call or send me an email. I shoot almost everyday!


Some people want hair and makeup and some dont, it all depends on the person, For women i would personally rec hair and makeup its great to have your hair and makeup done and takes care of alot of extra retouching in post , having said that i have shot many actors with no hair and makeup and they look fantastic! so it all depends! i will discuss this with you


HOW DO I GET/ VIEW MY PICTURES- After the shoot i will send ALL photos to you via wetransfer , also all the images are uploaded to *Reproductions website ( There you will have full access to view your images. You can also share them with friends, family, Facebook, IMDB, managers, agents, etc. If required, If required i can also provide you with a hi-res DVD of all the photos from the shoot.

*Reproductions offers a full service. They are the leaders in the headshots industry. Check them out at




TEL 917 513 1535